Hire Student Photographers

At IIFP, we take pride in the skills of our students. To provide real-life experience and connection for our students we have launched the International Institute of Film & Photography’s “Hire Student Photographers” initiative. In this initiative, we strive to connect our students with potential employers and clients. If you work with our students, you will not regret it.

Great News for Commercial Clients & Brands!

If you are a brand or business looking for an economical way to shoot your next product, please get in touch with us. We provide affordable pricing for you and in turn provide a real-life work experience for our students!

Sign up for a one-off shoot for a particular project, or add your name to our database and connect with our students on an ongoing basis!

The benefits of the “Hire Student Photographers” initiative for commercial clients and brands are manyfold:

  • You connect with motivated and excited talent who are fresh with their ideas and styles.
  • Your projects are handled by a team (rather than just a single photographer). So you get more value for what you spend.
  • You save money on your photoshoot projects because our Student Photographers work on a fraction of the cost of the famour working professionals
  • You get access to our facilities through our mentors and students.
  • We showcase your media on our network (on your approval)

Our students learn in a practical studio environment while working on carefully designed practical classes and like an almost real atmosphere. Sometimes simulated and sometimes an actual assignment. By the time they are about to finish their course, they are ready and raring to create.

Do you want to see the complete syllabus? Browse our course curriculum here.

Contact Us…

If you are a Designer, Commercial Client, Start-up, Modeling Agency, or an associated professional like Makeup & Hair Artists or Stylists, get in touch to find out how we can create a WIN-WIN situation for you and our students.


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