Latest Photography/Video Courses in Sydney

International Institute of Film & Photography conducts professional courses in Photography and Video (filmmaking). Our flagship program is “Mastering Professional Photography” courses that can be done part-time or full-time. We also offer the most comprehensive online photography course and the new version of same would be unveiled soon. We also organize genre-specific workshops like editorial, fashion, product photography, lighting, etc., and portfolio-building workshops.

In 2022 we will be launching our flagship film course, day video & editing workshops & makeup, modeling, and styling courses.

Earlier known as the International Institute of Art & Photography (IIAP), due to the recent expansion of our course offering, we have rebranded as the International Institute of Film & Photography (IIFP).

Professional Photography Bootcamp (7 Days, full week)

Face-to-Face Course in Real Studios…

Gain Professional Photography Skills in just one week’s in the world’s most intensive photography program. All you need to bring is your talent.

Photography Retreats (6 Days, Residential in Bali / India / Nepal)

6 Days residential retreats for those interested in Travel, Street, Birds & Wildlife and Journalistic Photography.

Travel, Stay and Shoot with likeminded photographers with luxury, professional support and amazing locations…

About IIFP

A dedicated photography/video Institute. Best courses in Sydney

IIFP (International Institute of Film & Photography) is a dedicated institute for photography & video courses in Sydney. We are not a small division of a bigger institute. On the other hand, we are an independent institute that is owned and run by educator photographers & passionate filmmakers. This results in our courses being flexible and in line with what the industry needs.

We are local & also cater to the needs of students Australia-wide with our residential courses. Our studio is based in Stanmore, not very from Sydney City. This places us in a position to cater to the entire Greater Sydney for our in-person courses. In addition, we also have short-term intensive residential courses (for which you can travel to Sydney for a short duration) and upcoming online courses. This means, that we can meet your needs wherever you are in Australia.

Our professional courses are comprehensive and compact. This results in providing our students with the flexibility to complete their courses quickly. Following this, they can start performing in the real world. We conduct courses that can help students progress from beginner to a professional level swiftly.

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Our courses are intensive and educational but also they are very practical and interactive. Our students learn in a far superior way because they also enjoy the classes due to the practical content. Have a look at some behind-the-scenes in this Gallery.

What do Ex-Students say?

I highly recommend this school to study and learn photography!

I took a course back in 2020 with Avs, extensive knowledge, creativity and he taught me the skills I now use today within my own business, branding and creating content for myself, with my photography and socials.

He was really adaptive to what my personal needs were and assisted me with growing in the areas that I wanted to and needed.

Thank you, Avs!

  • Jessica L

I joined this course after attending some other workshops on portrait photography.

I thought I knew a lot but I realized how much more is there to learn. After completion, I can say that I am ready to take on any assignment with whatever kind of lighting, with confidence. Do this course if you are serious about photography. 

  • Sachin 

An absolute beginner to a very confident photographer.

I am a media and marketing student and this course opened another revenue opportunity, that I can add to my offering. Now I can offer packages complete with media production to my client. 

  • Gabee