Story of IIFP

The Beginning of IIFP (Earlier known as IIAP)

IIFP previously known as IIAP (International Institute of Art & Photography) is a digital photography & video school in Sydney. We cater to Greater Sydney for our in-person courses. In addition, we also have short-duration, intentive, full-time batches that can be completed in one to four weeks. Apart from face-to-face courses, we also run a wonderful online course and many online workshops. This means, that we can meet your needs wherever you are in Australia & the world.

Our journey to deliver high-quality and affordable photography education began in the year 2012 in the energetic city of Dubai.

IIFP recognized early on that the creative community needed a new type of education infrastructure. However, there were not many options available that could satisfy contemporary needs.

Our professional courses are comprehensive and compact. This provides our students with the flexibility to complete their courses quickly and start performing in the real world. We conduct courses that can help students progress from beginner to a professional level swiftly.

Why focus on Digital Photography & video?

Well, we know that traditional film photography & filmmaking is funky, fashionable and all… but as a digital school we can prepare our students for real-life work and for the present and future rather than the past.

IIFP is dedicated to teaching not just the mechanics of the camera but also the creative process of professional photography & film-making. We encourage our students to continually develop their skills. This means eventually, they elevate themselves from a competent professional photographer to the level of an artist.

We prepare our students for the challenges they will face in the reality of their professional careers. Above all, we provide them with the tools and resources they need to meet these challenges.

Image of a Fashion Model with Beauty Lighting Setup. Taken during an Advanced workshop organised by IIAP, the Digital Photography School

In recent years, IIFP’s approach had been tremendously successful. We have trained hundreds of students in Dubai and Sydney. For instance, most of our alumni start getting freelance professional work right after course completion.

Learning face to face is the best way to learn. However, we want to meet the needs of those who cannot attend face-to-face classes. This could be due to financial reasons, physical distance, or COVID-19. We are now re-developing our online program as the most comprehensive, accessible, and affordable online photography course.

Please click on the link below to learn more about our Flagship face-to-face program “Mastering Professional Photography”.

About our Founder

IIFP was founded by Avs Kumar, who has been a well-known corporate trainer, education specialist, and photographic producer. Avs is also an exhibited photographer and a small business mentor with published books and courses online. Avs personally mentors some of the courses and photo walks. Click here to have a look at his personal work.