2 Days Advanced Photography (Camera & Lighting) Bootcamp

Gain Utmost Confidence in your photography (Outdoor and Studio)

Course Type: Classroom, Studio & Location | Professional level face-to-face course.

Duration: 2 Days Face to Face Intensive + recorded photo processing classes. 

Class Timings: 09:00 am to 05:30 pm everyday (Saturday / Sunday) in addition to optional activities in the evenings. 

Location: Professional Studio Locations & Outdoor/locations as needed for professional photography practice and production. (We keep our locations close to the city center and close to public transport)

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Course Fee

One-Off Payment – AU$ 899 

* The Fees includes All the Classes / Study Material / Professional Models / Studio Charges / Lighting Equipment  

2 Days Advanced Photography (Camera & Lighting) Bootcamp

Gain Utmost Confidence in your photography (Outdoor and Studio)

Immerse yourself in most information packed, focussed and yet enjoyable photography learning experience with no distractions and all practice and resources provided. After finishing this 2 days boot camp you will be born again as a trained & confident photographer, who is ready to start shooting various genres with confidence.

With our teaching experience of 12 years, we have hand-picked the most important pieces of knowledge and supplemented that with our unique and powerful teaching methodology.

Magic happens, it happens right there when you finish this 2 days immersive bootcamp style workshop. You emerge as a new photographer with lots of “aha” moments. We have actually experienced the before. As one of the participant Drew (who was a working photographer for UN for 10 years, around the world) mentioned “you solved the problems that marred my photography for last 10 years, in the first hour of the class”. Offcourse not everybody is at his level of knowledge. Some of you will have to learn from the beginning and we would really geared to share and coach what matters.

During these two days you will immerse yourself for up to 8 hours of learning and practice sessions in addition to self practice and discussions/reviews over drinks and dinner. Imagine doing this over the whole weekend, with no distraction from your job, boss or employer..

This bootcamp style of teaching harnesses the power of focussed deep work. This unique teaching methodology, popular so far in high end IT training, is brought for the for first time in Photography training in Australia.

Courses and sessions are also available in Bali, Dubai, Saudi and India.

Bootcamp Coverage:

Day 1: Outdoor Photography (Session 1)

  • Advanced Camera Handling
  • Advanced Focus,
  • Understanding Depth of Field
  • Specialised Camera Modes
  • Advanced Manual Exposure using tradition and DJM method pioneered by us followed by outdoor practice of manual exposure in various settings including low light and long exposures in the evenings.
  • All this in a practical hand on manner while constantly taking photos and on the spot feedback.

Day 1: Outdoor Photography (Session 2)

  • Understand Light in general
  • Mastering Natural Light Usage for photography,
  • Portrait photoshoot in Natural Light in few styles and review.

Day 2: Studio / Indoor Photography (Session 1)

  • How studio lighting works
  • Measuring studio lighting and setting up lights
  • Various modifiers and their effect on the photo
  • Advanced Studio Lighting principles followed by Portraiture practice with a model.
  • Practice photoshoot by students.

Day 2: Studio / Indoor Photography (Session 2)

  • Fashion and Commercial Photography Lighting
  • Fashion Photoshoot in Studio
  • Converting Fashion Photoshoot into an Ecommerce shoot

Learning Objectives

After finishing this you will be able to:

  • Conduct your Photography with professional confidence
  • Operate Studio Equipment and Lighting and execute Editorial photoshoots on your own.
  • Conduct a Photo Shoot on your own in many genres of photography like Outdoor Portraits and Studio work..
  • Demonstrate a portfolio of work (from the photos taken during the course and your self-practice)
  • Have a deep understanding of your own style and what genre of photography you want to pursue

Depending upon the constitution of the batch, new technologies and market trends, we reserve the right to change the topics frequently to keep our course relevant & cutting-edge.

Teaching Methodology

This is a Face to Face course blended with online learning.  Real-time interaction with your mentor and other students is an important ingredient to accelerating your learning. However some vital are available as soon as you join the course and some topics are delivered live online.

Our carefully structured step-by-step course curriculum is delivered in just the right sequence, making sure you grasp the basics really well, before swiftly progressing on to the more advanced topics.

Each class is a mix of the right amount of theoretical learning followed by the opportunity to immediately practice what you just learned via practical work, photoshoots, and instant feedback.

The course includes real photo shoots during the course with personalized feedback from mentors. You can be sure you will be building your portfolio while learning.

Why This Course?

First of all, Just 2 days will transform your photography skills. No more waiting for months and years to gain pro-level skills. Whether you want to work towards setting up a photography business or if you are a dedicated amateur, learning pro level skills in a methodical way will separate you from the crowd.

No more hap-hazard learning via YouTube videos or melting your mind trying to teach yourself.

Learning with a real mentor has its advantages. With personalised feedback on your shooting methods as well as your final photographs, you’ll have an advantage over others, with insights and training unique to your shooting skills and styles.

Enhance your learning and cement your technique by interacting with your mentor, peers, & models etc.

Start this bootcamp as a Beginner, and leave this bootcamp with confidence.

Course Requirements

We will start by covering the basics and foundations, so there are no prerequisites to this course.

You will need to bring your own DSLR or a Mirrorless Camera, with memory cards and batteries (and charger)

Enrolment Details

Course Type: Studio & Location | Professional level face-to-face course.

Duration: 2 Full Days Face to Face + Online Recorded photo processing classes.

Class Timings: 09:00 am to 05:30 pm, followed by optional evening activities (Saturday and Sundays)

Location: Professional Studio Location in Inner west Sydney & Outdoor/locations as needed for professional photography practice and production.

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Course Fee

One-Off Payment – AU$ 899

* The Fees include All the Classes / Study Materials / Professional Models / Studio Charges / Lighting Equipment.

The spots are very limited, so grab yours now before they sell out!
For any questions please email us at “info@iifp.com.au”