Photography Post-Processing Courses

Photography Post-Processing Courses by IIAP (Face to Face & Online)

Many courses about post-processing are about the techniques to use. Certainly, you need to learn a lot of them, and know-how they can help you improve your production photos. But it’s equally important that you know what they’re supposed to solve. Why should you use them? What does any given technique do for a photo? What kinds of defects does it correct or hide (or both)? If you join a Photography Post-Processing Courses at IIAP, we will teach you that the techniques cannot be applied at random: You must know why you would apply one rather than another. The next step is knowing when – with what kind of photos – each technique might prove useful.

So in a nutshell, learning how to do is important, but learning what to do is much more important and this is where our post-processing courses help you.

Here is a list of the kind of courses on offer , each one dedicated to a specific step in the post-processing workflow:

1. Photo Editing – Basic Course

2. Color Correction (Coming soon)

3. Dynamic Range Recovery (Coming soon)

4. Compositing and Retouching (Coming soon)

5. Black & White Conversion (Coming soon)

6. Panoramas and HDR* (Coming soon)

7. Focus Stacking*

8:: Micro-Workshops *

9.: RAW Processing

10: Post Production Workflow *

11: Adventures in Photoshop

12.: Lightroom Basics

13: Understanding Exposure

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