Online Photography Course FAQs

Welcome to “Online Photography Course FAQs”. These are some questions that is so frequently asked, that we have answered them in an easy format for you. If you do not find any information, feel free to write to us at “”.

Online Photography Course FAQs

How much does the online professional course cost?

The courses’ current could be checked on the product page. We may have specials sometimes via our associates, where you may get discounted prices. Check the prices on the shop page. If you can not find the online course on the product page, it may be in the process of being updated.

Is there a payment plan option?

Our payment page has a payment plan option for those in Australia. If you are abroad, please contact us, we may be able to arrange something for you.

Does the course come with any certificate of completion?

We give you an IIFP certificate. However this is not part of any National Qualification Framework and does not get you any University Credits, however, it’s a well-respected professional certification and many practicing photographers also opt for this certification to enhance their skills and acceptability.

Photography is such an art, where people see your work and not your certificates.

How long is the course?

You can complete it in as quick as 60 days or you can take your time. Most students complete it within 3 months, but you have a lifetime to complete it (conditions apply).

What do I need for enrolling in the course?

A Digital SLR or a Mirrorless Camera is a must. You should have access to an on-camera flash and preferably a 50 mm lens. We also recommend having a tripod for some sessions.

How many modules are there?

There are 30 modules. Each module may contain videos, PDFs, Presentations, Quizzes and some may have an assignment that needs to be done on your own time.

What level of Photography do I learn?

You start with very basics, and then we try to take you to full professional level. Depending on your hard work and talent, you can start doing pro-level photography right in the middle of the course and keep perfecting your skills as you finish it.

Ok, So where is the course link.

If this text can be seen, we are updating our course. Photography has changed after the advent of Mirrorless cameras and we have to upgrade many modules.

Can I come and do the course in Person? 

We invite people to take part in our ongoing classes and even course productions. Please contact us. We also do face-to-face courses on the same curriculum in our Sydney premises. Please click here for more information.

Is there any extra bonus?

Yes, we will have free e-book downloads, free new classes, and surprise additions to the course and you can always have access to that.

Do I need to submit assignments? If so, how?

The course has assignment requirements. The information is given in relevant modules. For assignment upload requiring multiple pictures, it needs to be uploaded in the following ways:

1. Resize the photographs (using available software) so that the size is less than 1 MB each.

2. Zip the files as one file.

3. Make sure the Zip file size is less than 8 MB.

4. Upload the same.

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