Community Workshops

Community Workshops by IIAP

The International Institute of Art and Photography is a blossoming community, presenting an array of events from workshops to weekly Yoga sessions. The institute also hosts bi-weekly photo walks which aims to teach students how creative thinking can help them explore cultural diversities in their communities.We have some great plans for the future with ideas including slide shows, portfolio reviews and themed contests like social interaction based ones that feature painting performances or performance arts etcetera. Community Workshops by us is a great way for you to connect with us without making any commitment of paying fee etc.

Do you have an event idea? If so, reach out to us. We would love to hear from you! Email “” for more information on how we can help you generate buzz and recognition through live events that are meaningful while still being effective for the community.

We also run two groups that boast of 10,000 plus members combined.

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