Photography Workshops


IIAP organises photography workshops in many genres. We conduct workshops in Sydney and other major cities in Australia. At these intensive, hands-on, day or evening workshops you learn the skills of a particular photographic genre – fashion, lighting, camera handling, long exposures, advanced portraiture, street photography or landscape photography, for example – from leading photographers who are experts in their field. You also spend time with other participants learning how to develop your camera craft through positive and constructive feedback on your work from fellow students and tutors. It is an intense experience but not one without rewards – rediscovering your passion for taking photos is just one of them!

In these workshops, you can learn specific skills that can be learnt in a few hours or a day like a specific way of setting up Studio Lighting or a specific technique.

The workshops do not replace a proper photography course and if you are a serious hobbyist or an aspiring professional, you should consider enrolling in a formal photographic course, which provides a much deeper and richer learning experience.

If you are keen to learn more, please follow up by contacting us at or visiting

We run workshops primarily in Sydney but also in other metro cities throughout the year.

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